About Us

http://ic.hunau.edu.cn/eng/about_us/201704/W020170426621028350034.jpgWith the development of 14 years, the International College of Hunan Agricultural University has established a stable cooperative relationship with overseas universities, such as University of Greenwich in the United Kingdom (www.grechina.com), University of British Columbia in Canada, Brock University in Canada, University of Hawaii at Mānoa in America, Oregon State University in America, Oregon University in America, California State University Fresno and University of South Australia in Australia. At present, we have been running three cooperation systems. The first one is cooperative educational programs ratified by Ministry of Education in China including Undergraduate Education Program on Biological Science and Undergraduate Education Program on Environmental Science with University of Greenwich, Education Programs on Business Administration and Accounting with University of Greenwich; The second system is the educational cooperation programs ratified by the Education Department of Hunan province. This cooperative program has been developed with California State University Fresno on majors of Agricultural Business, Food Science and Nutrition; The third one is Credit Transfer Program with University of British Columbia, Brock University and University of South Australia, Flinders University in Australia, , etc. The Administration Office in charge of the operation of joint program has been set up to supervise and ensure teaching quality, to provide consultation and guide of studying abroad for students.


Educational objective offered by International College is to train students to be international, inter-disciplinary and knowledge-applied talents by means of introducing the advantageous educational resources like teaching staff, curriculum, teaching mode and methodology from university abroad.  


The International College is respected among similar colleges for the excellence of its teaching and research. At present, the number of staff working full- time or part-time in our college is more than 110, all of whom have high educational background. The strong teaching staff consists of bilingual lecturers and teachers with overseas experience and advanced teaching ideas as well as methods, which ensures satisfactory teaching quality for students to be provided with excellent studying resources and service in International College. Besides, there are 5 or 6 foreign teachers annually who come from UK, USA, Canada, Australia, etc to teach students oral English in a multi-cultural communicative environment. In this way, students are well prepared to adjust themselves before they study and live abroad.  


Since the foundation of International College in 2003, it has enrolled students for 14 years. Among the students who have been to abroad for their further study, 70 percent passed IELTS, 100 percent got theirvisa pass. By the end of 2016, more than six hundreds students have gone to study abroad and been awarded with Bachelors degree. Furthermore, most of them continued their overseas study for Masters degree and Doctors degree, among which nearly five hundred students have won their Masters degree. A great many graduates are highly employed in such countries as the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada and such big cities in China as Beijing, Shanghai with a wide range of working areas like banking, security exchanges, publishing, business trade and so on.  


In April 2006, a representative group from the Ministry of Education, the Peoples Republic of China came to International College for inspection and acceptance of the joint education program between Hunan Agricultural University and University of Greenwich. High appraisal was made on the program operation, such as the education philosophy, leadership, academic staff and teaching quality. In May 2007, members from the Department of Education in Hunan Province inspected and investigated the cooperative program in the college. The inspection team was satisfied with great achievement made by the college. In May 2009, staff from the Department of International Cooperation and Exchanges in the Ministry of Education paid a visit to International College and made a high evaluation on it for its normalization and characterization in running the joint education program. Furthermore, the Undergraduate Education Cooperation Program on Biological Science is the first undergraduate joint program approved by the Ministry of Education in Hunan Province. In 2014, we have succeeded in getting the approval for being the only examination site of USItep (the International English proficiency Test) in Hunan province, providing students with better chances to learn English and study abroad.